Tuesday, February 24, 2009

room for growth

My job is famous! I heard Angelika (sorry, Charlotte Observer, but you are bad at accurate spelling) talking about her interview, and I cried. Sometimes it's good to remember why I do this.

And it's also busier than ever now, with reduced part-time staff hours (Thank you, Budget Cuts), our upcoming staff training in the relationships curriculum, and the WMR classes I'm team-teaching that start next month. I'm glad to have more work at work, though, because I see potential to learn and grow a lot from all of the additional tasks I've taken on.

In other news, today my husband is out a-lookin' at a 30 x 8 container to make me a home. Like this! And this! Now all we need is a lot of money to buy land, a lot of learning about a lot of cheap and low-energy appliances, and maybe a cliff.

I am also in love with My Morning Jacket's album "Evil Urges."

The End

Friday, February 6, 2009

don't tell me I'm not living in the moment.

It's not like I'm not content in the present. But really, how content do you reasonably expect me to be, at work, with hip hop and the Mary Kate & Ashley Musical Mystery Series assaulting my ears at the same time? No one should have to endure this. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the Mary Kate & Ashley Anything are a violation of human rights (Am I wrong? What about the pursuit of happiness? or really, even just sanity. I can settle).

So right now, I'm counting down to ...

  • my weekend (ONE HOUR!) (You're welcome for that mini educational factoid.)
  • snuggling with my bad kittens (1 hour, 25 minutes)
  • the IKEA store opening in Charlotte (11 days)
  • my sister and Ben moving home (in TWO AND A HALF YEARS. I try to forget.)
  • posting a picture of my cute car on my blog, in an effort to get my sister (and only blog reader) to post a comment (...assuming I can figure out how)
  • starting all my laundry (approximately 13 hours; hopefully they'll pass slowly)
  • having clean sheets (in 14 hours and 25 minutes)
  • next week! I only have to work from 3-11 pm on Monday.
  • my first ever job-related travel (leaving at the crack of dawn in 4 days)
  • Sunday with Abe
  • my phone upgrade. Nothing against my phone, it just has a giant chunk falling off one side. (Hope that wasn't important! Also, please don't make me say goodbye to all my photos! I'm awfully attached to all those blurry, poorly-centered pictures of my cats while tiny.)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

BACK! And with a shiny new car

Once again, it's been a while. I thought I had all the time in the world to prattle on to the internet, but my job keeps getting busier and busier.

Also, I had to buy a car! I get an "A" in buying a car, because whoosh! Did you feel that gust of wind go by? Oh wait, that was me: paying for my car, getting in and out of the DMV (with the title, registration, and license plate), and having my car inspected, all in three and a half hours, breaking every law of the universe in almost every way.

My car is currently the cutest one in the parking lot, and probably on the road (depending on if this guy or this guy are in the neighborhood). You won't see me behind the wheel, though, because of my fly tinted windows - yes. That is how I roll.

Now then, can we all agree that my sister should update her blog more?