Tuesday, February 24, 2009

room for growth

My job is famous! I heard Angelika (sorry, Charlotte Observer, but you are bad at accurate spelling) talking about her interview, and I cried. Sometimes it's good to remember why I do this.

And it's also busier than ever now, with reduced part-time staff hours (Thank you, Budget Cuts), our upcoming staff training in the relationships curriculum, and the WMR classes I'm team-teaching that start next month. I'm glad to have more work at work, though, because I see potential to learn and grow a lot from all of the additional tasks I've taken on.

In other news, today my husband is out a-lookin' at a 30 x 8 container to make me a home. Like this! And this! Now all we need is a lot of money to buy land, a lot of learning about a lot of cheap and low-energy appliances, and maybe a cliff.

I am also in love with My Morning Jacket's album "Evil Urges."

The End


  1. huh. well, now I think I assumed you are working as a midwife (thus my comment) and I think now that I am wrong. So I think maybe erase my first comment. ? The link to your job being famous does not work ... therefore I cannot confirm if I was right or wrong.

  2. Ugh, Charlotte Observer! Your 30 day expiration on stories is ruining my blog life.

    Working as a midwife would be cooler and much more relevant to a birthing center than my actual job. (Unfortunately, I'm afraid I don't seem to have the stomach for all of that blood and placenta.) I'm Case Coordinator on the adult hall at the maternity home where I work - it's like social work, but with more fist fights and roommate mediation.