Friday, March 6, 2009

Procrastination bites again

This weekend, it will be in the sunny 70's. I AM SO EXCITED THAT I AM SHOUTING TO THE INTERNET. I want to mountain bike, swim, rollerblade, and teach children to sing in the mountains of Switzerland.

Instead, Abe and I will be doing our taxes. This is what we get for letting all of January, all of February, and parts of March slip by without so much as a sniff of a 1040 EZ.

We will also be looking at a tiny duplex where we would be allowed to have a vegetable garden, and going to a 9 pm softball game. (Abe joined a league at work; he is both the only person who has never played before, and the best player on the team. He is so atheletic that we should throw melons at him, except that with his superhuman agility and aim, we would be destined to fail.)

My next post is going to be dead serious. [Trailer: it will be a tale I wish was made up of a ferocious housekitty who tried to eat the inedible. Spoiler: his curiousity didn't kill him, but his parents almost did when they got the vet bill.] You can also stay tuned for a picture of my playful new haircut, scheduled for tomorrow morning, and planned to be even shorter than I am!

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