Friday, May 28, 2010


Yesterday and the whole past month, everything has happened at once:
  • We bought a house -
  • that came with not just a mortgage. We also got an outdated electrical system and several truckloads of furniture to get rid of.
  • We put in the garden!
  • which grew weeds much bigger and tougher than me.
  • The cats got comfortable in their new home
  • by getting sick, sick, sick.
  • We planned to go furniture shopping,
  • but my car broke down.
I've been feeling overwhelmed and a little bit lonely, despite the fact that we've already had more people over at our house than we did in our entire last year of apartment dwelling.

Sometimes I feel like there's an expectation that I should be clever here, but lately I've just not felt clever. So today I decided that's okay, and this is my blog, and I'll cry if I want to.


  1. Karen we all missed you this month. Thanks for coming back to the internet. Sorry about your crappy adventures.

  2. Karen, I missed you, too. It's really hard to be a new homeowner! I can't believe you even had the strength to put in a garden. I'm looking forward to hearing about your home-improvement adventures when things start looking up. ---Aunt Sissy

  3. I've missed you too! I'm super glad for the internet on days like this. I'm with your Aunt - I can't believe you already put in a garden! Very impressive.

  4. Aaaaah, phew! The internet is whole again. Welcome back.

  5. Please keep posting...! It makes my day when you post.