Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The quick multiplication of rabbits, and please leave the baby carrots alone

Two things I know about rabbits: they want to devour my vegetable garden, and they want to make more rabbits. We hadn't been driving Ben and Lexi's for a week when Abe knew he had to have one of his own.

A seventeen hour trip to Asheville later, and voila! A little silver rabbit to call our own.

Pictured: Ben and Lexi's blue rabbit (front), relieved to have a cousin.


  1. So cute! Can I have one, too? Then we could go on tiny rabbit-caravan-camping trips. Please? -karissa

  2. That is tight. Two door is awesome. Is it a four speed?

  3. Nathan and I have a Rabbit, too! Only it looks like our little Thumper is a newer model than yours. (Does yours have a name?) Thumper and I had a difficult relationship to start out, because he was the first standard car that I drove. He used to stall on me for no reason and all, so I would swear at him and he would stall again to get back at me. But we've gotten to be very close friends since then, and he's like our child. We even argue about whose turn it is to go feed and bathe him. And he loves going out in the rain with me. You should see his front paws wave back and forth with excitement.