Tuesday, April 13, 2010


May I speak frankly? Because I am going to talk about what I have become - and I don't mean fat, by any stretch of an American imagination (well, maybe by an imagination horizontally stretched. But that's all). I realized yesterday, as I packed an entire box with clothes that I can hardly squeeze into, that I am a little overfed.

My new summer goal is to have a reason to unpack that box, which I labelled "tiny clothes." (Kina, our girl cat, loves to sit on my tiny clothes box, like she's saying "I'm tiny, so these are mine. In fact, everything is mine, because I am in charge.") This means refusing the rice krispy treats, birthday cakes, and corn dogs that are served at work, and remembering two good reasons why I don't keep those things around my own house: they are not healthy, and they make my clothes so very tiny.

Speaking of what I am becoming, my hair is growing out of control. Today when I got out of the shower, I looked like a female, lighter-haired John Travolta - but without the leather jacket, because who wears leather in the shower? Crazy folk, that's who.

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