Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Does it make me as old as your mom that I just had a 5 year reunion with friends from college?

I'm back from Boston, and completely exhausted. I should have seen this coming and requested a day off to recover. Instead, on Monday I flew back to Charlotte on a 6 am flight and reported to work at 3 pm. I've been dragging ever since. It feels criminally mean that I have to wait until Saturday for a day off.

Here is a problem with vacation, especially vacation with old friends: it makes work seem even less fun, because it points out what you're missing in all of those hours that you're copying and filing and trying to convince pregnant women to quit smoking and fighting each other. If you haven't taken a vacation in a while, you may be missing:
  1. late night "fast walks" - not runs - to the store
  2. a good Dark 'n' Stormy (HINT: add a splash of bitters!)
  3. hilarious conversations that should definitely not take place in public (...oops.)
  4. photo ops (sometimes photo oops) on street corners and in front of historic buildings
  5. much less sleep than you would be if you were trying to cram five years of fun into less than five days.
Now I am missing those things, too. Today I had to make a quick Fedex run to mail some mail, and I think I got tetanus using their restroom. I'm also convinced that they put receipt printer paper on their toilet rolls.

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