Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mostly I am just too tired to blog

On Wednesday nights, I sleep at work. (It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.) I get off at 7 am, and drive home to go back to sleep. (Mm, sleep.) And every morning as I pull into the parking lot, I see a man with a beard and a backpack, running up the hill and into the woods. I imagine he's running to catch a bus - but I'm fairly certain there's no bus stop where he's headed (isn't that the way to Grandmother's house?).

So that was this morning.

This afternoon I left my house a little before 2:30 pm. I was listening to NPR and sweating like a fool, waiting for the a/c to kick on. It was about a thousand degrees outside. And then I see this man in his running shorts and a sweatband running down the sidewalk, juggling. That is called Showing Off.

I was wondering - what's with all the crazies? And I thought maybe it was work-related. Like, maybe I'm hallucinating.

But then I got to work, and it continued. At dinner, my crazy client was acting Normal, and all my "normal" clients wanted to fight each other. This culminated in a giant meeting where all the residents yelled at each other until they worked out their issues, and I needed a tylenol the size of a desk chair.

And then we really lost it.

That's what it equals, when you have 1 minor client + many mental health issues - all medication due to her pregnancy. So this girl runs to her room, where she starts by throwing all of her stuff, and when she's exhausted her belongings, starts throwing furniture. She calmed down a little, crawled under her bed, and then refused to communicate or come out.

And then someone flashed me.

Now I need Behavioral Health to send an ambulance for me.

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