Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Things with Pictures

5 Things I did this past weekend:
  • Blueberry picking, where I spent my life savings on blueberries for jam, and learned everything about a retired man in the blueberry patch who could not stop talking, even though it was 7 am. (He plays classical guitar. He can play anything that's ever been written for the classical guitar. He swims five miles every day. He walks ten miles every day. He was the best sight reader in Virginia. He flew to St. Louis every week for his job. He thinks the military should shoot up DC and not the Middle East. Then my head exploded and grew a sunflower out the top.) (Please look past my grimace and my disgusting man-hand to admire the bucket of blueberries I picked.)
  • Celebrated Abe's (belated) birthday all Saturday long, 7 am to 11:30 pm, with all of his siblings. Among other things, he got a cooler. Let's go car camping!
  • Shower babies (Have I mentioned I'm going to be a real Aunt? Abe's sister has a little hot cross bun in the oven). I embroidered onesies, and finished just in time for the shower-- and I was flattered when my sister-in-law did not even know they were homemade. (Or maybe she was being kind. I have to be realistic - I cannot draw, and I came up with those bad boy baby animal designs with no assistance or supervision.) (As a side note, that little rubber Mighty Duck turns white if the bath water is too hot. The technology!)
  • Ate a fast food breakfast that I'm fairly certain was entirely fried in lard. Gross, Jack in the Box, gross. My arteries scream in protest of you.
  • Finally put pictures on my computer from our trip to Raleigh a weekend or so ago. Here, Abe is pictured standing upside down on one hand by the Kerr Lake, so you know we had a good time.


  1. I hope you had some sleep in the middle of all that fun. Sleep is healthy, too, don't ya know? But blueberries likely trump sleep. I am wishing that I had either blueberries or sleep.

  2. On Saturday I would have traded all 13 quarts of blueberries for one 45 minute nap.