Friday, June 19, 2009

Saddle tan: not a pool-side project

Please appreciate this photo, which I took at peril of dropping my computer in the toilet. (This is maybe why I look so serious)

I would like to tell you that I bought this at a store where they use only fair wage labor and organic materials to produce their stainless steel garbage cans, but I am not (usually) a liar. The truth is, I bought this at Walmart (with my 10% pay cut, I may have to lose 10% of my principles.), who in addition to underemploying their workers in order to avoid providing them with benefits, and using child slaves, comes up with 574 results when you search for "step can" on their website, making it impossible to show you my current project without taking my own picture.

In my defense, it was completely impossible in this case to get by with what we had. What we had was one of those $1 trash cans that has no lid, and that Abe had decorated in high school with a sticker that said "all things must pass" and had a drawing of a dog going number 2. (It may sound hilarious in tiny font - which I say because I know my sister is cracking up laughing right now - but I assure you that in person it was in very poor taste). For almost a year, I put up with that trash can, but it was very inconvenient for kitty litter disposal. And in very poor taste.

So I finally bought the cheapest trash-with-a-lid can that I could find, and it was a pleasant turquoise that clashed unpleasantly with the browns and reddish oranges of our shower curtain. Spray paint is always the answer, and I chose "saddle tan," which turns out to be a nice dark khaki in addition to a good description of what's leftover of the sunburn I got on our backpacking trip. Today I sanded it, and almost left for work before I realized my legs were covered in turquoise dust (which is what would result if Cookie Monster had a Tinker Bell). And Sunday I paint! We'll be in Waxhaw for some Father's Day celebratin', so I can take advantage of my Father's garage and expertise at doing everything.

P.S. The bad news of having a blog is that it encourages you to think crazy things like: People care about the color I am painting my trash can! I should take a picture in front of the shower curtain! Let me google cartoons of the Cookie Monster!

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  1. I find myself freakishly tired just looking at that project. But that could be due to my loathing of sanding. I am phone-less, so skype me, baby.