Thursday, March 19, 2009

short hair and green eyes run in 3/4 of the family

If Kina looks frightened, it's because she probably is. She's never been featured on the internet awake before. The internet would be a safer place if that were true of all of everyone. (Obviously, as a good parent, I've educated my kits on the dangers of talking to strangers with cans of tuna or with sketchy sounding user names in chat rooms.)

Keep coming back, as some day I may write posts on the joys of life with hair shorter than my husband's beard, delicious carrot ginger soup, and the latest thing to make me feel guilty, conflicted and convicted.


  1. every picture on your blog features one or more cat. not that they're not adorable, but do you ever worry that you're turning into a crazy cat lady?

  2. I was crazy long before the cats. They're just a coincidence.