Thursday, March 12, 2009

Health care costs are off the chain

Dear President Obama,

Thanks a lot for whatever tax-related legislation you passed that gives me an extra $35 on my paycheck twice a month. Keep up that great work! Also, please don't turn it all around in January 2010 by asking me to pay it back in taxes, because I'd love to keep it. It would help a lot, because it turns out that even after all I pay for health insurance, I'm having trouble keeping up with all my health care costs.

If you could please, please find some way to help my insurance company actually insure me, I'd appreciate that. They say that they pay 90% and I pay 10% at the doctor's office, but it turns out that they "don't cover" any of the care that I need.

Please make the removal of impacted wisdom teeth equally pain-free and available to all Americans, without this business about "anaesthesia's only covered if administered by an anaesthesiologist," and "we can't cover an anaesthesiologist, because it's not 'medically necessary' to have your wisdom teeth removed in a hospital."

Good luck with Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and the economy!



  1. That story would be much more funny if it hadn't cost you your new house.

  2. That was Ben's comment - not mine. And I think he meant to post it on your Frankenfranc post, which is ironic since I made a similar comment!

  3. Even funnier that you wrote your comment pretending to be Ben, while he was pretending to comment as you.

    You're sneaky impersonators. (Or else you're trying to make it look like Ben was the one who commented on the wrong post. Even sneakier.)