Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I've got no car, and it's breaking my heart

Obviously I have been much, much too busy for you. I have been busy wrecking my car, treating our apartment for fleas (we are gross), poisoning my smallest kitten with toothpaste, celebrating a Kovach Christmas in Boone, and arguing with my husband's health insurance company. Also having his grandmother over for lunch. (When did I turn old enough to have my husband's grandmother over for lunch? Oh well, it's fine, because it turns out I'm great at it. I made chicken and a curried whole wheat couscous dish with carrots, cauliflower, green beans, and cashews. The jury's still out on the salad, which was toasted cumin seeds, fresh cilantro, cucumbers, tomato, and yogurt - the regular kind, since Harris Teeter only sells greek yogurt with fruit involved, which seemed wrong for sure compared to just trying regular yogurt : only wrong for maybe).

Back to business. As I said, I wrecked my car and with it my chance of ever having a free minute to myself ever again. I have basically looked at every car that's for sale on the entire internet, and I'm still driving my husband's honda (and almost breaking it. I'm on a roll here) instead of the station wagon of my fantasies.

I've been wrecking lots of things, like almost my kitten's entire life, which I guess would be a lot worse if she didn't have eight more where that came from. The other day I toothpasted (word of the day! Use it in a sentence) my toothbrush, and then had to run to the kitchent to see which kitten had knocked something over to produce a giant crash. When I returned, Kina (who I should learn to post pictures of) had devoured all the toothpaste off my toothbrush, and was hunched over it with her mouth cracked open, like she was testing the minty freshness. I was horrified, and imagined her keeling over dead because of my irresponsible dental hygeine. So I called the vet, who basically told "that's a weird one," and that she (the cat, not the vet) might vomit. I wish she (the vet, not the cat) could have told me how I ended up with one cat that fetches, craves toothpaste, and needs weening (a story for another day), and one cat who seems to be trying to train to swim the English Channel. That's how much he loves water.

On the topic of cats, today I conducted a scientific experiment, which proved my hypothesis that my favorite pair of black pants is more magnetic to pet hair than any other known substance in the universe. You can never be totally sure, though. I mean, they discover new things on Mars every day.

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