Saturday, October 30, 2010


The sooner you help me figure out how to widen my header, the sooner we can get to the real posting around here!  I tried to google instructions, and based on those instructions I fiddled with the html... but either I'm square, or Blogger is uncooperative, so now I need assistance.


  1. When you go to your "design" tab from your dashboard, you should see a "HTML/Java Script" box for your header. And when you click on that and read through it, there should be a "width" followed by a number and a "height" followed by a number buried in there somewhere. Just make sure you keep the proportions sort of the same, or it can make your picture blurry or stretched out.

  2. Go to Design
    Go to Template Designer (on the bar w/ Edit HTML and Page Elements)
    Go to Layout
    Go to Adjust Width

    Have fun : ) I love all of the new flexibility Blogger has added.

    Hope you're doing well, Karen...

  3. Hannah- That's what Google said! Unfortunately, nowhere in my html script was there a "width" or "height." Somehow, my blog is outside the range of reality-according-to-google. What now?

    Martha- That looked so simple... I thought I hit the jackpot! But the Template Designer will only let me adjust the width of the entire blog or the sidebars. Thanks anyway!

    Everyone else- Any other suggestions?

  4. I wish I knew, but I don't. (Sorry) Someone please help Karen figure it out. I've missed reading her blogs!

  5. Would picking a different template solve the problem?

  6. try and reload the header picture or ditch the header picture. Content rules over design... I can't wait until you start posting again.

  7. Just start over under a new site: we all miss you!

  8. Did you try a new template and then moving the HTML/Java Script box to the top so it's not part of a column? So sad ... I miss your stories!