Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Me vs. cats, cats vs. cauliflower... the wasp wins every time

The cats love to sit on our seed flats. So far, they have squashed all of my baby cauliflower and most of the brussel sprouts. The peppers seem to be safe so far, because they show no sign of germinating. Are you serious, Peppers? You are so immature for your age. Grow up.

Cats have no respect for the money or effort that goes in to growing heirloom all-season cauliflower. They have no vision for the glorious brussel sprouts to come from the tiny sprouts in their flats. All they see is warm dirt to nap in. From this, I deduce that cats should be indoors and gardens should be outdoors, and no good can come when their lives intersect.

By "no good," I mean that this is what happens when you cross cats with gardening indoors:
  • dirt all over your house
  • dirt all over your cats
  • lopsided seed flats (I would be lopsided too, if Franc sat on me all day.)
  • a lean harvest
I thought I was really, really angry at the cats for the destruction, and I thought I really, really wanted to punish them. But then Franc got stung on the paw by a wasp he was trying to eat, so I take it back now.


  1. poor franc! what a funny cat, he should be his own cartoon :)

  2. Millie is right - he SHOULD be his own cartoon!