Sunday, March 21, 2010

Make It! March : The Perfect Pet

This week, I'm pointing the way to a wonderful free pattern that will save the day if everyone you know is having cute babies. All of those shower gifts start to add up... and besides, look!Thanks to baby Samson, this puppy's slobbery mouth is as real as it gets

Every baby needs a disproportionately skinny-limbed, large-headed stuffed animal to suck on. And all you need to make one is:
  • a pair of gloves
  • needle & thread
  • three buttons
  • stuffing (skip the craft store and buy yourself a $0.99 throw pillow at Goodwill. A single pillow still half-stuffed in the closet has so far supplied the insides for this little pup here and a whole flock of birds)
  • Martha Stewart's free "Glove Animal" pattern: download here! There are also instructions for a rabbit, so if you get started soon, you could have a bunny in time for Easter.
I found these perfect googly-eye buttons. Are they not the cutest? In the end, I felt like my dog's head looked weird (boys and girls, that happens when we have no necks), so I used a little yellow hem tape to make a collar with my nephew's name on it.
The collar fastens with a hook and eye, like so:

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