Friday, September 25, 2009

5 things to love about Google Analytics

If you have a website, you need Google Analytics now. Right now. Why is it my favorite website? Since you twisted my arm, I'll make a list.
  1. It tells me everything about you. (Don't worry, not your social security number.) By you, I mean you people out there reading this. It tells me if you have dial-up or broadband. It tells me your rough geographic locations. It tells me which of my blog pages you most enjoy looking at. It tells me how many "you" are.
  2. It revealed that I have a reader in Pakistan. Hello, Islamabad! I am glad you're here.
  3. How did you find me? Some of you came via Lexi's blog. Some of you stopped by after visiting Joie. Some of you came from Google!
  4. Google led you here when you were looking for "out of office email jury duty," "pool side fun blog," and "worldwide pants" (really?!) This sort of makes my day.
  5. All of this information - and believe me, more - is presented in clever little line graphs and pie charts. And who doesn't like pie?! I remember nothing from school about Cartesian coordinates or x- and y- axes, so it boggles my mind that Google Analytics writes them about me.


  1. I feel like I've got to come out from behind my moving dot on Google analytics and say that I love your blog! I've told your sister this at least 10 times . Some days I even like you blog a little more than your sister's...but shhh that's our secret : ) Keep writing and I will definitely keep reading!

  2. Honey, that's no secret! If you didn't like Karen's blog better than mine, I would seriously question your blog judgement.

  3. I mean judgment. Because, really, bloggers should at least be able to spell.

    - Lexi again

  4. Thanks, Rebecca! Given my Little Sister Complex, your praise means a lot. And another secret, just between us - as much as I'm enamored with google analytics, I really only like people who comment.