Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I realized before work as I was eating ice cream sandwich from off my laptop (don't judge. Let he without paper towels cast the first stone when he drips ice cream sandwich on his laptop.) that I have been inert. (That, folks, is the word of the day, because just like me with a cold, it's short and it sounds hilarious.)

July has so far been a very uninspiring month, something that I blame on the virus that clobbered me last Friday. Since then, I have:

  • Forced my (fantastic and visiting) friend Millie to stay in with me on July 4th - if you see her, please give her a prize for being so nice about it, and for purchasing cookies.
  • Watched all twelve hours of 'Lord of the Rings' on DVD...
  • ...and subsequently dreamt 'Lord of the Rings'-flavored dreams two nights in a row.
  • Coughed, sneezed, and slept more than I should probably ever tell.
  • Purchased two boxes of expensive cold medicine for only 1.97 at CVS, thanks to convenient clearance sales and a $2 off coupon on one of the boxes. (Good thing they were cheap, because they are now also gone.)
  • Eaten ice cream sandwiches for lunch three times.
  • Stayed in bed until noon nearly every day.
  • Forgotten to call the Mazda guys about my Mazda maintenance.
  • Forgotten to check the mail for the power bill.
  • Forgotten altogether about car insurance; mine may have expired. (Does it expire? I may be too stupid to be this grown up.)

Today I finally dragged myself out of bed (do I need to tell you that it wasn't until 11:30? Maybe I'll leave that part out), went to the store for eggs, and made zucchini muffins. Tomorrow I will probably tell you the recipe. And maybe work out, because I have renewed motivation for that, too: one of the (otherwise hilarious) women I work with decided to be funny and start a rumor that I'm "not feeling well" because I'm secretly pregnant with twins.


  1. you don't mess around when you get sick, do you? Also, I propose a joint blog of you and your mom and your sister so that I can find all of my delightful turns of phrase in one place.

  2. i had a great 4th of july! no apologies necessary. fireworks are overrated.
    hope you're better!