Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maybe I should stick to the cat posts

I have some big news, Internet, of big changes to the blog. I've decided to make this blog a photo-a-day of Franc! I was inspired today when I got this birthday birthday e-card for Franc sent by the friendly staff at our veterinarian. I felt so incredibly creeped out (Are you with me, here? What's with the starving snow leopard hanging on the wall? And the shameless testimonial at the bottom about their great customer service? Try: "Thank you so much for stalking my helpless kitten on his birthday. I feel violated by the terrifying e-card you sent, and now will lose countless hours of sleep imagining those horrible animated cats with their heads bouncing around me in the dark."), I decided we might need to find a new animal hospital, and then I thought, "Franc has so many adventures! Abdominal surgery, suicide attempts off the second floor balcony, everything he has for dinner, intensely frightening birthday cards from the vet, and marathon napping ... his stories deserve to be heard!"

Actually, I am just kidding. (Except about the card. That was seriously traumatic.) But you believed me, didn't you? And that is so sad that I am here to reassure you it will NOT happen (despite any evidence to the contrary). I may be crazy and have cats, but I refuse to be the crazy cat lady. (Is it too late? Please don't say it's too late!) To prove to you that I am committed to a wide variety of activities and intellectual pursuits outside of my pets, I will be writing the rest of this post in haiku.

This weekend I hike
In Grayson Highlands State Park!
Dad, Mom, Abe and I

With plenty of GORP
And my brand new birthday pack
We'll tackle the trails.

Wild ponies, watch out!
You tried to kill me last time.
(I see you hiding!)

Rhododendron Gap
Blooming fully - beautiful!
Hope the weather's nice.


  1. It's not too late, hun.
    Tell the ponies "Hi" for me.
    Take lots of pictures.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I'll tell ponies to get lost.
    Have a fun weekend!