Saturday, June 13, 2009

Decision making

I'm cleaning up the apartment in anticipation of a visit from my dear college friend Millie, and it has me thinking:

I've been wanting lamps for our nightstands - cool ones, maybe that almost match. I've even sort of looked at some (should I tell you it was at Family Dollar?). But I keep coming back to this: I'm not sure you need bedside lamps in an earthship.

How much do I live for now, when my short-term goal is a homey apartment where I can feel settled and half grown-up, and how much do I grit my teeth and look at a longer term, earthship goal?

(Also, should I turn on the a/c, or try to find another cheap fan? No way Millie will ever come back if I don't do one or the other. The cats will be so sad when we close the windows, and I think I'll miss the night noises. On the other hand, if I try to vacuum without the air on, I might spend Millie's visit in the hospital with heat exhaustion. Is this a better argument to use the A/C, or to skip the vacuuming?)

PS) The recession hits again! On Thursday we had a staff meeting right before our resident "summer kick-off" cookout. In the meeting, our executive director reminded us of 40% cuts from United Way funding, cuts in state maternity funding, cuts in donations, and told us that after next week's board meeting, we can expect cuts in staff. "But enjoy the cookout!" (Seriously?! I told one of my coworkers we should eat our fill while we can.)

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