Monday, June 8, 2009

A backpacking trip in haiku

Rhododendrons, rocks
Sunshine, flooded trails, sweating...
We walked fifteen miles.

A pregnant pony
Not nearly as aggressive
That I almost liked.

Mt. Rogers? Lame-o.
My pack was way too heavy.
I am so sunburned.

Dinner by camp stove.
A good night of hammock rest
Is just what I need.

Slept in until nine
First things first: instant coffee.
Hiked up a huge hill.

Goodbye, Old Orchard.
Nice camping, but your trails suck.
One dude in spandex.

Ate lunch in a field.
Hammocked in the shade of trees
Sausage, cheese, crackers.

Used my diva cup.
Dad "swam" in freezing water.
You go, diva cup!

Hello, you sunrise!
Woke up to your oranges.
Ate granola bars.

Packed up camp early.
Felt sad to leave the vistas.
Met a copperhead.

With sticks Abe and Dad
harrassed it while Mom freaked out.
Then we had to walk.

Ouch, feet! You sure hurt.
So does going back to work.
So do you, sunburn.

1 comment:

  1. I'm SO bummed that we missed the annual Grayson Highlands Father's Day backpacking trip, especially the dude in spandex, cheese and run-in with copperhead. Ah, the self pity.