Thursday, June 11, 2009

Backpacking pictures

Ladies (mostly Lexi) and gentlemen (still not sure there are any? Gentlemen? Are you there?), proceed to facebook to view photos of our recent backpacking trip.

And I'm off to bucket shower!


  1. Lexi mentioned how crazy you were in one of her posts so I've been following your posts in Google Reader and decided to pop out and say something in regards to the Gentlemen comment.

  2. Hello, Gentleman! Glad to have you, even if you think I'm crazy.

  3. Great pics! Hiking in the highlands was one of my highlights of living in Boone for school. I just returned (today) from a six day backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountain National Park (no bucket showers, and I worked hard to catch up with Abe's beard -- pics coming soon).