Sunday, May 17, 2009

raining, cats, and dogs

On Saturday I was caught in the craziest storm. It rained earlier in the morning, but seemed to be clearing up by the time I went into Trader Joe’s. Wicked clouds brewed back up while I was in the store, but it wasn’t raining yet when I got to the door. In the short time it took me to get to my car (and if you’ve been to that Trader Joe’s, you know I mean short, because their parking lot is smaller than my apartment. Also, I am an expert on being short), the rain came down so heavily that my grocieries and I were soaked. I jumped in the driver’s seat, turned on the wipers, and checked my rearview mirror. I could only laugh when I saw my soggy mop (Freak rain storms are clearly not the ideal stylist for my short haircut). I had a couple other errands to run, but decided it would be better to head home. I'm a busy lady -- I have no time to argue with all the well-meaning strangers who might think I was lost and take me to the pound.

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