Tuesday, May 19, 2009

if you licked a dirty bicycle tire after wiping it on the bottom of your filthy City garbage can after a hot summer rain

I should never have started that Craigslist thing, because now I can't stop. It's not my fault. This stuff is pure gold! (In spite of his bizarre idea of salesmanship, it's surprising how much this seller and I are alike. He's mad his salad tastes like "piles of crunchy bugs," and I would be too! Someone should do that man a favor and tell him that images of "cowboy butt sweat" are not going to entice people to buy his table. Also, $1900? This is Craigslist, friend, not "Ashley Furnishings." Anyway, he could be a millionaire if he kept his magic table, realizing its enormous potential to revolutionize the weight loss industry.)


  1. I would love to read some tips you might have on keeping down waste, and especially you might have some thoughts on what to do when recycling is not possible? I know when I was there I was shocked that Waxhaw didn't have recycling available for everyone. Any ideas?

  2. May I respond with my 2 cents? Just off the top of my head:

    - Compost! (And thereby reuse most of your household waste)
    - Use reusable cloth grocery bags
    - Don't buy drinks in plastic bottles
    - Try to buy as much food in as little packaging as possible (even better - no packaging).
    - Support your local Farmers Market (No packaging which will inevitably be wasted, less energy has been used for the transport of this food, money is going back into your local economy AND you're buying tastier and healthier food in general - everyone wins!)

    Instead of trying to decide what to do with our waste once we've generated it, Ben and I are trying to be more intentional about what we buy so that we don't generate as much waste to begin with.

  3. Whoops, one more thing - buy thrift! Karen is awesome at this. Who needs new clothes, furniture etc when there is SO much great stuff available to be reused in second-hand stores?

    :) Lexi