Friday, May 29, 2009

The Fun and the Sun

Sorry for the absence. I've been distracted by the summer weather, and also busy carrying 168 pounds of cat litter up three flights of stairs. That's a true story, and you should all watch out, because the buy one, get one free sale on cat litter this week at the Teeter will make you temporarily forget where you live in light of the Unreal Deal. No cats? Doesn't matter. It's such a good deal, you'll probably buy six boxes anyway, at least, and then have to carry them a mile uphill to your cabin with no road access.

Lately I have been getting exercise, which I think is making me too tired for blogging. Last Saturday I went on a great, muddy hike with Jen from church at the Whitewater Center. (I still haven't cleaned my shoes.) (Another bright moment!: I left my wallet in her car without realizing it until she was halfway home -- and there I was in the Arboretum parking lot with the gas gauge on 'empty.') The next day, I went on a bike ride with my dad and husband, and it poured -- again with the mud?! (I still haven't cleaned my camelbak.)

Yesterday was gorgeous, and we went kayaking. (There's much less to clean.) (Also kayaks were on sale at Dick's last week, so Abe bought two with his bad self.) We went to Lake Tillery in Morrow Mt. State Park, and I turned out to be a remarkable kayaker (undiscovered athletic talent? or intense fear of falling out and being eaten by the alligator gar? We'll never know). My kayak is yellow yellow yellow - so maybe alligator gar are afraid of bananas. Or yellow fever.

I have also been working out with Kathy Ireland, which is an amazing video I used to do in high school with my sister and her friends (and by "do the video," I mean, we would put on our shorts and sports bras and lay on the cool tile floor in the living room with the tape playing, laughing hysterically). I think the most amazing thing about this workout isn't the exercise, or the results: it's that Kathy actually wears those socks for the entire video. Wonderful. You also have to wonder who matched her big red hair with her little hot pink work-out bra/top. Her colorblind stylist? Her arch-nemesis? Or maybe she picked it herself: a person can only take so many crunches and butt squeezing exercises before they just crack.

On that hilarious note, I think I'm done here for today. Hopefully this blog won't turn out like "my current project" (see below), for which I have lost all motivation and enthusiasm.

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