Friday, April 10, 2009

We're back!

I only wish my Huntington Beach vacation had been this long. (See how restful?) We've been back for ages, and my excuse for not posting is that I was waiting for my memory card to magically transfer the pictures to my computer so that I could share them with you.

Assuming "you" are still out there? Still reading? Anyone?

Today I finally gave up on the magic, and transferred the pictures myself. See how my handy husband and our birthday friend Josh lassoed our hammocks high in the trees?

Then we napped. Hammock camping is wonderful, even in a slightly lopsided hammock that is now on its way back to to be exchanged for one that's not misshapen.

Since we got back, there have been no naps. I've been reading every rental ad on craigslist and searching listings on every real estate website in Charlotte, because our lease is up! I can't believe it's already been a year (Time flies when it's only 30 feet from the front door to the back wall of your apartment, and when your closet shelf was installed using nails instead of screws, and therefore falls out of the wall, making a huge mess that is still sitting on the floor next to the bed). I'm starting to feel a little desperate. We've proved we can live in hammocks, but I'm not sure how we'd eat. There definitely would be no more Indian food feasts:

(clockwise from right : naan, chicken in light sauce, alook paneer - potatoes with spinach, and chana masaladar - a chickpea/tomato dish)


  1. You're back...and soon I will be, too! Seeing the picture of you and Abe made me homesick for you. Soon, soon, soon!

  2. Me too! I'm homesick for all of you. Wah.

  3. That was me (lexi) not Ben. We can't ever seem to post from our own accounts. This is also me.