Monday, April 13, 2009

Things I'll make when I have time to do anything other than (1) sleep (2) work (3) find a house (4) sweep cat litter off the bathroom floor again

  1. Arborio rice that my sister gave me (nearly a year ago). Stop looking at me so judgmentally. I (only clean out cupboards when I move) keep a well-stocked pantry.
  2. A package of instant mashed potatoes intented as a get well gift from a friend, the time before the last time I was supposed to have my wisdom teeth out (I've tried three times now, and it would save me a lot of money if the "three strikes, you're out" rule of baseball also applied to my impacted wisdom teeth).
  3. Something involving a lot of pureed pumpkin, which was a good idea at the time, and which is now taking up an unseasonal and significant amount of kitchen space. (Yes, I am getting ready to move.)
  4. A shirt pocket quilt for my nephew-to-be, Coming Soon in 2009!
  5. A quick run to Target for an iron, a tea strainer, and the blandest cotton sheets they sell in Queen size
  6. My (sister's) plants sorry for their fickle tendencies. A little water? One day, they like it. Another day, they waterlog. A little sunshine? Sure! But next week, the sun makes them yellow and puckered. Stupid plants. Sorry, Alexis.
  7. A trip to Goodwill where I donate only. NO SHOPPING ALLOWED.


  1. pumpkin rice:

  2. I'm afraid how many references there are to my healthy colon on that website. Where do you come up with this stuff?! :-)