Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another day older and deeper in debt

On the most beautiful day ever, I signed my life away to the bank, and Abe and I are now the proud owners of Our Very Own Home... where there is, unfortunately, not yet any internet, so please wait patiently for pictures, and feel free to post congratulations.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uhaul would be great... actually Wehaul.

Today is packing day. We're celebrating by renting ourselves a uhaul, which turns out to be (a) cheaper than paying for gas in all of our friends' trucks (b) more convenient than driving back and forth across town all day, and (c) easily accomplished online.

And tomorrow is closing!

So you understand, then, that I am much too busy to blog. Unlike Franc, I'm not quite ready for the big move.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I have officially become my dad

Today I went to Home Depot, and I liked it.

I wanted to stay there. I wanted to stay so that I could look at things like lawn mowers and flooring and cabinet hardware. We even looked at boards for our raised bed garden, and for a while. (Until I said. "Okay, I'm 'board.'" Because I am always that clever.)

So, please! Come to visit us in our new home. I'll take you on exciting outings to my favorite home improvement stores, and we can have lively debate about the merits of a 32" versus 48" cut. Or, you know. Not.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


May I speak frankly? Because I am going to talk about what I have become - and I don't mean fat, by any stretch of an American imagination (well, maybe by an imagination horizontally stretched. But that's all). I realized yesterday, as I packed an entire box with clothes that I can hardly squeeze into, that I am a little overfed.

My new summer goal is to have a reason to unpack that box, which I labelled "tiny clothes." (Kina, our girl cat, loves to sit on my tiny clothes box, like she's saying "I'm tiny, so these are mine. In fact, everything is mine, because I am in charge.") This means refusing the rice krispy treats, birthday cakes, and corn dogs that are served at work, and remembering two good reasons why I don't keep those things around my own house: they are not healthy, and they make my clothes so very tiny.

Speaking of what I am becoming, my hair is growing out of control. Today when I got out of the shower, I looked like a female, lighter-haired John Travolta - but without the leather jacket, because who wears leather in the shower? Crazy folk, that's who.

The quick multiplication of rabbits, and please leave the baby carrots alone

Two things I know about rabbits: they want to devour my vegetable garden, and they want to make more rabbits. We hadn't been driving Ben and Lexi's for a week when Abe knew he had to have one of his own.

A seventeen hour trip to Asheville later, and voila! A little silver rabbit to call our own.

Pictured: Ben and Lexi's blue rabbit (front), relieved to have a cousin.

Friday, April 9, 2010


We interrupt your regular internet perusal for the following Very Important Announcement:

Only eleven days until we have a house of our very own! As you might expect, if you know us, Abe has been busy packing, I have been busy crafting "we've moved" postcards, and Franc has been busy eating our cardboard boxes. Kina has found more and more creative places to hide for the secret naps she likes to take, and is possibly more neurotic than usual: she stands at the door and meows for 15 minutes at a time, like she's afraid we'll leave her behind, so she wants to get a head start moving to our new house.

You are all welcome to come visit; please bring house plants.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from the Kovaches!

For us, Easter is about ultimately important things like atonement and redemption. It's a celebration of things made new ... and of cats wearing bunny ears.

Materials: white felt, pink adhesive felt, scissors, needle & thread, ribbon.